Previous Conferences

2007 - Edinburgh


2nd–3rd November 2007


The University of Edinburgh

Organising Committee

  • Sharon Deane
  • Elizabeth Goodwin-Andersson
  • Pei Meng
  • Pablo Romero
  • Svenja Wurm
  • Nora Aranberri
  • Marian Flanagan
  • Cathy Fowley
  • Susanne Ghassempur
  • Jackie Mulhall
  • Krisztina Zimanyi


Keynote speakers

  • Mona Baker - Consensual and/vs conflictual scholarship: positioning the translation scholar in society

  • Franz Pöchhacker - Pathways in interpreting studies


  • Ian Mason - Preparing academic papers for oral presentation and/or publication

Welcome Address

  • Peter Graves (Head of School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures, University of Edinburgh) and Graham Turner (Director of the Centre for Translation and Interpreting Studies in Scotland (CTISS), Heriot-Watt University)


  • Panel 1a: Literature in Translation 1
  • Panel 1b: Corpus-Based Translation Research
  • Panel 2a: Children's Literature
  • Panel 2b: Translating for Authorities
  • Panel 3a: Audiovisual Translation
  • Panel 3b: Interpreting Techniques and Cognition
  • Panel 4a: Literature in Translation 2
  • Panel 4b: Translation, Education and Language Acquisition
  • Panel 5a: Interpreting in Cultures and Communities
  • Panel 5b: Challenging Approaches to Translation
  • Panel 6a: Quality Issues in Interpreting
  • Panel 6b: Literature in Translation 

Presented papers

Friday 2nd November

  • Brigid Maher (Monash University). Self-Styled Wilde Behaviour: Parody, translation and wit
  • Juliet Attwater (University Federal de Santa Catarina). ‘The stuff that dreams are made of’: Anthologies of translated literature and their role in canon (de)(re)form(ul)ation
  • Elise Aru (University of East Anglia). The Translation of Surrealist Texts: Nadja by Breton, a case study
  • Nora Aranberri (Dublin City University). Controlled Language Rule Refinement: Case study on –ing words
  • Panayiota Vatikioti (Imperial College). Translating Punctuation: a computer assisted approach to the translation of punctuation on Marguerite Duras’ novel ‘Le Ravissement de Lol V. Stein’ and its English translations
  • Emiliana Fernandes Bonalumi (Università degli Studi di Bari). Similarities and Differences in the Use of Reformulation Markers and Lexical Phrases in English and Italian Retranslations of Works by Clarice Lispector
  • Haidee Kruger (North-West University). Domestication and Foreignisation in the Translation of Children’s Literature in the South African Educational Context
  • Annalisa Sezzi (Università de Modena e Reggio Emilia). ‘This isn’t a drawing, mommy: it’s a story!’: Translating the voice of the adult-reader in pre-school picture books
  • Sanne Parlevliet (University of Groningen). ‘It beseems me not to say’ – Irony as a device to design a dual audience in translations for children
  • Agnieszka Doczekalska (European University Institute). Translating and Drafting of Multilingual Legal Texts within the European Union: New challenges to Translation Studies
  • Annarita Felici (Royal Holloway). Translating Norms for the EU: A corpus-based study
  • MAK Kam Wah George (University of Cambridge). Laissez-faire or Active Intervention? The Nature of British and Foreign Bible Society’s Patronage in the Translation of the Chinese Union Versions
  • Joaquim Pujol (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona). Improving Audio Description with Narration Techniques
  • Verónica Arnaiz (Universidad Autònoma de Barcelona). SDHH: Is verbatim possible?
  • Josu Barambones Zubiria (Universidad del País Vasco). Mapping the Dubbing Scene: Screen translation in Basque television
  • Šárka Timarová (Belgium/Charles University). Working Memory in Simultaneous Interpreting
  • Branca Viana (Pontifical Catholic University). The Role of Inference in Expert Performance in Simultaneous Interpreting: Students V professionals
  • CHANG Chieh-ying Vincent (Imperial College). Novice Interpreters’ Brain Activation Patterns: An fMRI Study
  • LEE Tzu-yi Elaine (University of Newcastle). Constraints upon Translators: Representations of Gender Relations
  • Silvana Vitale (University of Edinburgh). The place of Translation in the Modern Languages Curriculum
  • Susanne Ghassempur (Dublin City University). How the Commitments Swear in German: The Case of Fuck
  • Mária Bakti, Márta Lesznyák & Eszter Zsembery (University of Szeged). Individual and Peer-translating Strategies in Reflection of Lexical Cohesion 

Saturday 3rd November

  • CHANG Pin-Ling (Newcastle University). The Impact of National Identity on Chinese-English 
  • Matthew Maltby (University of Manchester). Translation & Interpreting Policy in Asylum Settings – Institutional Approaches
  • Jill Karlik (University of Leeds). Audience-design in interpreter-mediated Bible readings in a Gambian church
  • Phrae Chittiphalangsri (University College London). Do we need ‘Orientalist’ Translation Theory?  Translating Sanskrit ‘Canons’ in the Late Eighteenth to Nineteenth Century
  • Mustapha Ettobi (McGill University). Literary Translation, Culture, Ethics: Questioning the Limits of Binarisms
  • LIANG Wen-chun Wayne (University of Newcastle). How Sociological Theories Gained Currencies in Translation Studies
  • Anna Wiener (Karl-Franzens University). Quality Assessment in Sign Language Interpreting - Perspectives of Deaf clients
  • Dorothea Martens (University College London). Werther Translates Ossian – How to Translate Werther? A Case of intertextuality in translation
  • Herculene Olivier (North-West University in Potchefstroom). The Role and Responsibilities of Educational Interpreters in the NWU Interpreting Service
  • Theodora Valkanou (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki). The Translation of Yeats’s Poetry in Greece: Some cultural identity considerations
  • Marta Renau Michavila (Universitat Jaume). Consecutive Interpreting and the Alexander Technique: Prospects for a didactic partnership
  • Giulia Totò (University of Edinburgh). Translating Stream-of-consciousness Narrative Techniques from English into Italian

Closing Feedback Panel

  • Mona Baker
  • Franz Poechhacker
  • Ian Mason
  • Graham Turner